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“What I like about Triumph is that it’s priced like an iPhone app but it’s powerful like Pro Tools—it’s as deep as you want to be! It’s totally affordable! I love it! The architecture is so open. I don’t think anyone has even realized its potential.

“I use Triumph to prep my refs to send to mastering. I’ll bring them in to listen in another app where there’s not a bunch of faders and meters. Many times I end up going back and editing the mix after I listen in Triumph. It resets your brain to open the files in another interface than Pro Tools. Often I do much more in there too as far as edits—fades, trims, tops and tails, etc.

“The workspaces are a nice workflow. I did a big project in Triumph, a ten-hour audio book (that industry is still CD-based). The Triumph workflow for that was stellar. There’s no easy way in another mastering app to make ten DDPs. Each workspace was a separate DDP with full subcode and metadata with one main mastering chain I created that everything went through. It’s all only as far away as you asking for any feature and the manual is really well written. Anything can be done in Triumph!”

Grammy Winning Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer

John Forbes

Producer, Film/TV Composer, Ne-Yo, Tyler Perry, Bobby Brown, Leona Lewis, “America’s Next Top Model”, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, “My Money” NBA Sports, “The Good Life” (CBS)

"I really like this app a lot! I use it almost every day in my workflow for generating multiple-format client refs, and I do all my CD/DDP prep and QC with it. The scripting features are a unique and very useful part of the app, and have made it easy for me to create all the various references I might need at the click of a button, all nicely labeled and ready to upload.

Of course, most important are the sonics, and I've found it to be totally solid in this respect; having the excellent iZotope SRC algorithm integrated into the app is a significant plus and makes my life much easier. Having the ability to make last minute level/fade/processing decisions without having to go back into another DAW is also terrific.

"For scripting, I can either duplicate and edit an existing script directly in Triumph, or copy it into AppleScript Editor and edit there for greater flexibility - I don't know of any other audio apps that offer this kind of feature."

Grammy-winning Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer

Rich Breen

(Yellowjackets, Dianne Reeves, Ivan Lins, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, Peter Erskine, Charlie Haden, Billy Childs, Ramsey Lewis, Seth MacFarlane, Freda Payne, Jeff Lorber, numerous orchestral feature film scores for Disney, MGM, and many more)

“The Triumph workflow is revolutionary. It’s a great swiss army knife. The fact that it can play back different sample rates in a project is amazing. The shapes used for automation, and the way you can snap to grid the different shapes, is really cool. “I’m fully in the box now with mastering and finally have the tools and plug-ins to work in the box. I haven’t touched my analogue gear since the summer. Clients want things so fast and Triumph lets you do that!

Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer/Mix Engineer

Ricardo Gutierrez

Stadium Red and Hit Factory (Cedric Gervais, John Legend, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Theophilus London, Brother Ali and more)

“Triumph is my last stop in the mastering process. Once you dig into it, Triumph is intuitive, straightforward and gets the job done with full confidence.”

Audio Engineer/General Manager

Kris Gillespie

Domino Records (Hot Chip, Artic Monkeys, Dirty Projectors, Panda Bear and more)

“Triumph has vastly improved my mastering workflow, especially when it comes to album sequencing. Fading, timing, and rendering an album in Triumph is incredibly fast, and the way Triumph handles multiple audio formats in layers streamlines the process between printing masters and burning a CD or exporting a DDP.

“Using Triumph's AppleScript support, I've created custom AppleScripts for my specific needs. Things that I used to have to do manually, like lining up gapless edits, numbering track renders, and creating 'Mastered for iTunes' versions, can all be accomplished instantly with an AppleScript or one of the built-in Actions.

“I'm often working on albums where tracks have been mixed by several different mixing engineers, all with different sample rates, bit depths, and formats. Using Triumph, I can create one album-sequencing project with multiple sample rates, and I'm able to render each track at its native sample rate, saving a ton of time and avoiding any unnecessary sample rate conversions. Total win-win.”

“I have tried almost every app out there even remotely related to album sequencing/mastering, and for me, Triumph provides by far the best combination of features and performance with an infinitely customizable workflow. The tight integration with iZotope's trusted sample rate conversion and dither are a big plus, and being a native 64-bit Mac app from the start, Triumph supports the latest technologies with a user interface that doesn't get in the way of the work.”

Mastering Engineer

Devin Kerr

Michelle Chamuel, Vulfpeck, High Highs, Theo Katzman, A Great Big World, Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack (Sundance Winner) and more

“After recording and mixing for many years in LA and Nashville, I started mastering about 5-7 years ago as an option for clients because their budgets are getting smaller and smaller. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best mastering engineers over the years, sit beside someone like Bernie Grundman, so I felt I had a knowledge of mastering. I’ve been using Triumph for assembly, delivery, song spacing and dithering options. I’m pleased with how it lets me deliver the DDP files."

Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer

Bradley Hartman

Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris, Kimmie Rhodes and many more

“Triumph is my go-to editor for podcast and general speech editing. The slip editing and region marking makes it incredibly easy to clean up glitches and fluffs, tighten up waffle, and generally produce a polished, easy-to-listen-to product. Adding music and effects is very easy with Triumph’s Layering and drop & drag fade envelopes (Shapes). And the new multiple export functions make creating different format masters quick and simple.

“I like having an elegant tool for this kind of work that does what I need, without having to get involved in the complexities of a DAW. Triumph totally fits the bill.”

Sound Artist/Podcast Producer/Software Designer

David Stevens

Priced at just $99 $79, Triumph is as affordable as it is powerful.

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