• - Mastering and CD Authoring
  • - Audio Editing
  • - Sound Design
  • - Featuring Goodhertz™ SRC and Dither


"Triumph’s unique and flexible architecture provides…
an excellent environment for mastering, audio editing,
sound design and a variety of post-production tasks.”
- Electronic Musician, 2015

A pioneering audio editor and post-production tool

Master more confidently

Red Book CD burning, incredible SRC and dither from Goodhertz, Inc.™ and much more.

Design more inspired sound

Triumph’s patented Layers technology lets you create, combine and visualize audio in completely new ways.

Streamline your studio’s workflow

Fully automate even the most complex engineering tasks using Triumph’s library of over 200 Actions, or use AppleScript to write your own.

Polish up your podcasts

Triumph’s SmartEdits™ offer flexible and intuitive editing for dialogue and music. Smooth the fades. Automate your effects. EQ the interviews. Make it perfect!

One window. Beautifully designed.

Triumph’s interface organizes everything you need into a single window that stays out of your way, leaving you free to do what you do best: design audio.

Multi-task like a pro

Client thinking about changing the track order halfway through the mastering session? Have a bunch of different sound design ideas for those video game titles? No problem!

Triumph gives you the ability to create multiple Workspaces within your project, all referencing the same underlying audio assets. Utilizing multiple Workspaces along with Layers helps keep your project and audio assets organized while letting you experiment and compare effects settings, edits and CD layouts.

Source/destination editing, Triumph-style

Triumph’s Destination Bar in combination with Destination Actions offer the easiest and most efficient approach to source/destination editing available today. No modes. No mess. Just set it and go.

A full set of features


Triumph’s SmartEdits offer more flexible editing with fully adjustable properties like fade in and out, fade length and shape, name, color, and much more.


Craft all your fades and Effects automations using Triumph’s full set of Segmented, Logarithmic, Quadratic and Cubic Shapes.


Triumph fully supports Audio Units plug-ins. It also includes the acclaimed Goodhertz CanOpener headphone processor and more.


Loaded with 8 beautifully designed meters including Level, VU, Lissajous, Correlation and Spectrogram.

Actions & AppleScript

Triumph’s Actions are AppleScript-based and infinitely customizable. Use our incredibly powerful bundled Actions or create and customize your own.

Metadata & Analysis

Triumph provides metadata input for nearly every audio format, a comprehensive audio analysis tool, with analog simulation, and more.

Goodhertz DSP

Triumph is the first audio app to include the new Goodhertz mastering-quality sample rate conversion and noise-shaping dither algorithms.


The FHX™ processor creates a more spacious, natural soundstage over headphones—enabling an exceptional listening experience for the fastidious masterer and casual listener alike.

Render & Ship

The new Render Assistant allows you to render multiple formats simultaneously and quickly render a DDP set for CD duplication, all within your Triumph project


Publish your music and podcasts to SoundCloud, directly from Triumph. For more information about SoundCloud, please visit

Triumph’s patented Layers technology

More Powerful Than Tracks

Combine audio of any format, channel count, and sample rate and add effects and fades. Edit audio using SmartEdits™ and our other powerful tools. Then, “flatten” your file to get a result that would have been nearly impossible in other editors.

Non-Destructive Until the Final Edit

Layers save you time by keeping all your fades, edits and effects live and editable. Spend more time designing and less time rendering.

Priced at just $79, Triumph is as affordable as it is powerful.